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April 01, 2015
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business incubator and accelerator program to serve start up and emerging businesses

Meet the Organizers

Addie Graham-Kramer @addiegraham

Addie is the Founder+Event Designer of The Event Company. She is passionate about encouraging other females to embrace empowerment and to follow their own dreams.
The Event Company

John Meyer @johntmeyer

John is the CEO/Co-Founder of Lemonly. John writes about productivity and focus at PointLetter.com and is passionate about building the startup community of Sioux Falls.

Melissa Goodwin @melissagoodwin

Innovation & Creativity Consultant, Published author, Bush Foundation Fellow, and Digital Strategist. Fueled by curiosity, design thinking, education, and the quest to make the world a groovier place.

Paul Batcheller @vcinsd

Paul is a Partner at PrairieGold Venture Partners where he oversees all aspects of the firm’s investment activities, from sourcing, structuring and negotiating investments to serving as a board member for portfolio companies.

Robert Nelson @dakbio

Analytical Chemist by training, renewable energy enthusiast, foodie, multiple patent holder, entrepreneur, tech development guy.

Samantha Bucknell @Sjbucknell

Samantha is the Marketing Director of LazaDerm Skincare Centre and Physicians Vein Clinics, PR Chair at SF/BPW and social media contributor for community events.

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Past Presenters

Credentialing USA, Inc. - CUSA


CUSA's services will begin in February 2015. The healthcare community is going digital (hospital, clinics, etc.) creating the need for individual healthcare providers to deliver digitized credentials to each healthcare facility in which they practice. Credentialing USA, Inc. (CUSA) is a start-up South Dakota company offering secure digital credentialing services to individual healthcare providers at a reasonable cost. CUSA will provide services to bridge the digital gap between the healthcare community and the individual healthcare provider. CUSA removes the hassles of locating, updating, and transferring the required credentialing to all the healthcare facilities in which you practice. CUSA staff will stay current on credentialing policies and procedures relieving you of that distraction. CUSA will also collect, manage and disseminate Continuing Education credits. When the individual healthcare provider signs a contract and/or subscription with CUSA he/she will be assigned an individual server file for his/her credentials. The individual healthcare provider may file his/her data into the digital file by sending credentialing data to his/her file via website, faxing, or emailing form to CUSA. CUSA is also developing a smart phone application to use, the capability to take a photo of your credential and send it to the healthcare providers cloud file. The individual healthcare provider will have access to his/her credentialing data 24/7/365. Two passwords will be given to the individual healthcare provider, one for him/her self and a second for the entity in which he/she chooses to be credentialed. The individual healthcare provider will give this entity the website and the second password so they are able to access his/her credential information. For security purposes, the second password will have time limitation in which to retrieve the information. The second password resolves the problem of the individual healthcare provider finding, organizing, making copies, of the credentialing information being requested by the entity in which the healthcare provider chooses to be credentialed. CUSA’s private server provides: convenient digital storage for individual healthcare provider’s credentials; security and back-up for the individual healthcare provider’s credentials whether it be a natural disaster or the item being misplaced; ease in moving and locating his/her credentials and easy access at all time to his/her credentials; and creates time when it comes to the credentialing process with the chosen entities.

Excel Achievement Inc.


Excel Achievement offers one-on-one tutoring for students ages 4 through adulthood. It specializes in working with students who have dyslexia which affects one in five students in the United States.

LaConte Consulting LLC


LaConte Consulting provides business strategies to help people recognize their strengths, envision the future, and take action to influence in the world. Our services include management consulting with a focus on process improvement, compliance, and team-building; professional coaching; and project management services. We are planning to add digital and online training products to serve the needs of business owners and their management teams.

Bard Creative


Bard Creative is a branding and web design consultancy focused on solving businesses' real world problems. We were founded with the idea that if businesses were given the proper tools, they would thrive. It is our mission to guide our clients through the process of discovering what is missing from their marketing toolbox, create it, and set it into action. We desire more than a transaction with our clients, but a relationship.

Medical Billing Review


At Medical Billing Review we review medical bills for errors and make corrections to those errors. We provide a few different services from regular review services of all medical bills to one time review and we will even negotiate with a health care provider for a lower bill on behalf of our client.

Re-APP, Inc.


Re-APP is a mobile application that incentivizes users to measure and track their commitments to being green.



We design, develop and distribute digital K-14 STEM (science, technology, engineering & math) curriculum along with our proprietary digital content delivery system we call "Educate". We are the fastest growing company of our kind in the U.s. with over 4,000 schools in all 50 states teaching our courses.

Prairiegold Solar


As an affiliate of PrairieGold Venture Partners, an experienced renewable energy investor, we bring unique insights and experience to the financing of distributed solar projects. By combining those perspectives with strong project finance skills, proprietary sources of tax equity, and deep market knowledge, PrairieGold Solar is able to develop and finance high quality, high return projects.

'Hood Magazine ~Parent, Child, Family~


‘Hood Magazine is Sioux Empire’s Parenting Resource and YOUR local resource magazine filled with practical ideas, information and stories that advocate stronger families through togetherness. ‘Hood also includes a pregnancy and baby section to help you prepare for this amazing journey into parenthood. Be sure to check our website for even more resources on your journey. We are here to support you every step of the way!

Restoration Generation


We exist to restore a generation of relationships. We accomplish this mainly through speaking to students - specifically in public middle/high schools around the country. We launched RG almost 5 years ago after working with students full-time for over 15 years and seeing that the majority of students today have known nothing but broken relationships. This has greatly impacted the way they view relationships/life and they wonder if they can ever have health/healing in their present and future relationships

JAM Art and Supplies


We are committed to providing Sioux Falls with low-cost art making supplies. Think of it as a second chance for unused materials. We collect donated items from you to sell in the store, as well as donate them to other nonprofits via our quarterly art supply drive.

Rive Immersive


Rive creates interactive online media to capture audiences and builds brands. We do this by combining art and technology to create unique interactive experiences that engage viewers.

We are running a quarterly on line business plan competition that will result in one winner every quarter that will receive at $25,000 investment from the company.

Nexus Smart Pay


Nexus Smart Pay is the world’s first electronic point-of-sale payment system that uses a biocryptic (finger scan) authentication process. Nothing else is needed!

Prairie Berry LLC


The Prairie Berry family of businesses includes Prairie Berry Winery, the Homestead and Miner Brewing Company, all located in Hill City, and Prairie Berry East Bank in Sioux Falls. Prairie Berry Winery has earned 815+ awards for nearly 60 wines and was the state’s 2nd commercial winery. Miner Brewing Company just turned one and has already released more than 20 local craft beers. Our Oktoberfest recently won Best Seasonal Beer at the Sundance Beer Fest. Prairie Berry East Bank is a fermentation bar, kitchen and marketplace where you can sip, savor, and enjoy all the flavors of Prairie Berry.

Virtual Incision


Surgical robotics start-up company based on technology from the University of Nebraska.

Dress for Success Sioux Falls


The mission of Dress for Success Sioux Falls to promote the economic independence of disadvantaged women by providing professional attire, a network of support and the career development tools to help women thrive in work and in life.

Condre Storage aka Duracell Cloud Storage


Duracell Cloud is the perfect solution for businesses that share files and synchronize folders across their network using a variety of PCs, and mobile devices. Duracell Cloud’s Cloud Appliance acts as NAS, File Server and Backup Solution all in one, but with superior security, privacy, speed, reliability and data assurance — all with a predictable and budget-friendly business model. It is easily deployed and is fully supported by the Duracell engineers.

The Sky Companies


We help small to mid-size companies connect their products to potential customers through relationships in the retail, on-line, and other distribution channels. We work with unique or innovative product companies to help them find solutions when missing some key element in their effort to market, whether that be opportunities with key retailers or market channels, product development, logistics in distribution, or some other encumbrance impeding their product sales success.



Megathread solves the #1 challenge of the Web by providing the first cross-platform standard for recognizing the authenticity and credibility of people and information resources in any subject of interest, without threatening privacy.

Oh My Cupcakes!


We shine God's love and make people smile with cupcakes. Sure our cupcakes are delicious, but our real goal is to make an impact in our community by serving our guests and others, providing a legendary guest service experience from first impression to last crumb. We are honored when people invite us into their special moments.

Funky Fresh


Funky Fresh is a specialty design studio born and raised in Sioux Falls that is run by the husband and wife duo of Dave and Cassie Medema. We make websites, mobile apps, logos and fun things to sell in our shop. We value simplicity and efficiency in everything we do – no matter the size of the project.

eyeBrain Medical


eyeBrain Medical is a small medical device startup founded in Sioux Falls. We have a chronic headache diagnostic and treatment.



We help high growth companies accelerate their success.

Prairie Tickets, Inc.


Prairie Tickets launched in 2009 as a ticket broker specializing in brokering deals with sports teams around the nation thereby capitalizing on the evolution of the secondary ticket market. Prairie Tickets Marketplace launched October 2013 to serve as the official marketplace for the Northern Plains. The site takes ticket listings from 20+ different websites and aggregates them into one, resulting in a national website with a local direction

B4 Innovations

Under development

B4 is an “innovation group” focused on the following: 1. We study the processes of innovation, from inspiration (motivation to define a problem or opportunity) to idea creation (novel ways to solve a problem) to implementation (action plans to achieve a solution). 2. We apply innovation tools systematically to solve problems that effect the lives of people in our community and around the world. 3. We manage the execution of novel ideas in order to develop scalable companies.

A community driven art gallery and studio designed to facilitate artists and help them reach a wider audience.

The Event Company is an event design and production company that specializes in corporate, social and charity functions. We consider ourselves experts when it comes to media and public relations for events and offer consultation services to our clients to make it a success. With a fresh, creative and personalized approach to event planning, we provide our clients with dependable communication and attention to detail throughout the process.

American Creatures, LLC


American Creatures is an independent feature film about addiction and coming-of-age set on an isolated South Dakota ranch. The film is directed by Andrew Kightlinger, who has directed a previous feature film titled 'Dust of War', currently available on iTunes and Amazon and Netflix later this fall. His short film have played at the Academy Award-qualifying Palm Springs ShortFest two years in a row.

Community Radio Group Broadcasting, Inc.


CRGB is a South Dakota nonprofit organization supporting community radio, promoting local/regional independent music, operating a streaming Internet radio station and low-power AM transmitter(s). CRGB live broadcasts and video recordings of live music events in the area.



Our job stinks and we think it's awesome! Most people don't want to clean a toilet, so let us be the bowl cleaner for your fido. DooGooders, with more than thirty doggie years of experience, gives you the time to take back your yard and spend time (count in human or canine years) with your two- and four-legged family. Serving Sioux Falls, Tea, Harrisburg & Brandon areas!

Odin Hunting Products


ODIN Hunting Products prides itself on developing the best and safest hunting equipment for all hunters. Rooted in a strong background of engineering with a passion for hunting, ODIN only makes products that adhere to the most strict requirements for safety, strength, and ease of use. Enjoy shopping and if you do not see a specific item you need please contact us at ODIN Hunting Products.

The Fruit Club & South Dakota Peach Festival www.southdakotapeachfestival.com

www.thefruitclub.net & www.southdakotapeachfestival.com

The Fruit Club has a mission, and that is to bring fresh fruit straight from the orchard to your family every month, year round. Lynn Albers, Vice President at The Fruit Club, will present their unique business model and tell us how they went from selling one box of fruit to serving thousands of customers in several states in less than a year. Check out their upcoming event, the first annual South Dakota Peach Festival July 26-27 benefiting The Special Olympics!

Social Bug, LLC


Social Bug is a creative social media and marketing firm. When it comes to social media and marketing, we want to be the peas to your carrots – supplying all the answers about how to get your business branded and successfully working for you online (off too). We consult as “marketing therapists” over coffee, cookies, or even pizza! Our background includes branding, campaigning, web design, print design and more. We have two client goals; client happiness and no missed deadlines. Keeping it real & simple.



For over ten years, BrightPlanet has been the pioneer in Deep Web Intelligence. We have the fastest, most powerful tools and services available to help our customers create new intelligence. Our patented technology is the definitive answer to the challenge of harvesting Big Data from the Deep Web.

Passenger handcrafts documentary and narrative films. These films serve both commercial and personal led ventures.

Verizon Wireless


Verizon’s technology platforms, including 4G LTE, are inspiring and enabling meaningful innovation among a broad group of businesses, from start-ups to global players. The Verizon Innovation Program is designed to help our ecosystem of collaborating companies take wireless (cellular) technology out of the phone and integrate it into things unlike phones—delivering solutions in transportation, healthcare, green energy, education, wearable computing, and much more.

BoomLife, LLC


We help people find personal, professional, and organizational values-driven success. Our "Success Engineering" services include workshops, personal/leadership coaching, leadership & organizational development and assessments designed to help people understand how well they, and the people in their "World" (business, organization, etc.) personify the values they've identified to create powerful value propositions through mutually beneficial relationships.

Bella Minds


Bella Minds seeks to bridge the divide between urban tech centers and the educated women of rural America who seek to more fully participate in the modern workforce.

Locals Love Us


Locals Love Us is a group of people who believe that there is a lot to love in every community, but that it’s not always easy to find. Our world of constant negative news and online attacks can cause us to lose sight of what we really love about where we live. Our passion is to sift through the noise, discover what the locals love and then let everyone know about it. We call it sharing the love.

Iowa Startup Accelerator


90-day tech startup accelerator; teams get $20k and potentially up to $100k more, 100+ mentors, deep customer discovery, MVP development, and pitch-ready program. Applications due 6/22.

Help University


Connecting Students, Colleges, and Communities. Hire students for odd jobs or volunteer work in your community. You choose the price, you choose the students, we connect you. Your own personal workforce in your pocket.

WeMineCoins LLC


We mine digital currencies!

Think 29


Think 29 is connecting entrepreneurs, innovators and investors in the I-29 corridor between Sioux City and Fargo.



Pushlee’s mission is to nudge people in the right direction for the benefit of themselves, our partners, and our company. 75% of profit for gas stations is made on in store items. People are paying at the pump and leaving, which is a huge problem for gas stations. Pushlee nudges people back into the store, where the profit is made.



The dream started in May of 2000 when our founders knew that wireless devices would play an increasingly important role in the delivery of healthcare. From that day, DocuTAP software was designed for use on handheld wireless devices.

Blend Interactive


We're a web development firm, but we're talking about the trials and tribulations of putting on our conference.

Analyst Ratings Network


Analyst Ratings Network provides real-time reporting of financial news and information to retail investors through its website and daily newsletter, ARN Daily.

Mantis Digital Arts


Mantis Digital Arts creates interactive, educational environments for children ages four to twelve.

Happy Tapper


Creating apps that bring meaning and purpose to lives since 2008. My most popular app, Gratitude Journal, instantly shot up to #1 on iTunes and has been praised in the media from Fargo to France. I recently published the book "Idea to iPhone" (Wiley 2013). And I work with a team of the best iOS developers in the Western hemisphere offering consulting services for app design, marketing, development and strategy.

Since 2009, OTA has served as a creative collaborative offering extraordinary experiences and engagements that educate, empower, and serve as catalysts for community-builders and change agents to improve the lives of all people living in South Dakota, North Dakota, and Minnesota.

Take Permission Media Network


We create content that encourages, empowers and equips others to live their best lives.

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